How to Index Website Fast on Search Engines within 24 Hours

Hello bloggers! In this article, I will teach you how to index your website on search engines within 24 hours.

Yes, this is my commitment to you that if your website is new and you wanna index fast on the Google search engine then this article is beneficial for you.

Before I talk about the indexing procedure, I wanna tell you why our new website isn’t indexed by the Google search engine. There are many reasons for that first one is you didn’t submit your website in the Google search console. This reason is very obvious if you didn’t submit your site to the search console, then Google bot will definitely not index your site.

The second and most important reason is that even if we submit our site on Google search console still our website is not indexed. To be honest, when I am new in this field my website takes 1.5 months to index. I searched for a lot of solutions on the Internet, and I found some of them very useful. Now those techniques I will share with you in this post free of cost.

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Indexing Techniques

There are two legal, white hat SEO techniques to index your website on Google within 24 hours, and every time I create a website I use both of the techniques in parallel. Now let’s deep dive into this.

1st Technique: Use Google Indexing API

This is the first and my favorite technique i.e. using the Google indexing API to index a website. By using Google indexing API your new site is indexed in under 24 hours, if your domain is fully new and doesn’t have Google search restrictions.

Now let’s talk about how to do this.

There are many steps involved in this process, and I don’t want to do each and every step so I embed the YouTube video below, and also the important links. You need to follow the video fully to properly index your site.


That’s it, now after 24 hours, go to Google and type this Here in replace it with your website domain with an extension, and you will see your website posts pages are indexed on Google.

2nd Technique: Use Google News

This is also my favorite technique for post-indexing. This technique involves getting the approval of Google News and that’s it. This technique is simple but requires approval.

Google News is mainly designed for News publishers but we can also use it to index posts in some minutes when they are published.

Personally, I use both methods. 1st method is for new website indexing and then the 2nd method is for post-indexing.

To get the approval of Google News make sure you have enough content on your website and publish articles daily, especially in the Google News pending process.

To apply for Google News you again see the below-embedded video, just watch and follow each step.


Now, whenever you post on your website it will automatically be indexed by Google News in a minute. Now let’s conclude our discussion.


In this detailed article, I tell you two techniques to index your newly created website in under 24 hours. You need to use both of the techniques to get the desired results.

If you face any issues in this process, don’t hesitate to comment below I will answer you as soon as possible.

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